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June 11, 2020
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Making Your Dog's Food

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The ancestors of the domesticated dog ate raw meat that it killed, but in that process it consumed vegetation, which was the diet of its prey. This vegetation wasn't always fully digested so the dog actually ate the veggies before it became meat. If a dog only eats protein it could develop an imbalance in its calcium to phosphorous ratio. This is a cause in bone problems and some other ailments, but the dog's ancestor got a balanced diet partly because of what his prey ate.

Making your dog's food yourself is recommended for people that are worried about their canine friend eating commercial dog food. Even so, it is best to talk to your dog's vet before changing his diet quickly and drastically. Also, make sure the recipes you use give your dog constitute a balanced diet.

Some people that make their own dog food say that the recipe should be one third protein composed of meat and dairy products and eggs. The other two thirds should be made of vegetables and grains. To learn more about this concept and to see different dog food recipes try books like Bone Appetite Gourmet Cooking for Your Dog - by Susan Anson or Better Food for Dogs - by David Bastin, Grant Nixon, and Jennifer Ashton. By percentage it is recommended that your dog's diet consist of eighteen percent protein, fat fifteen percent, and sixty-seven percent complex carbohydrates

When making a recipe for your dog's meal it can be a basic recipe that is balanced or a balanced specialty recipe for instance a salmon roll recipe created for dogs. One basic recipe includes: ground beef, brown rice, mixed vegetables, and plain yogart. The salmon recipe includes: salmon, cheese, beef broth, pecans, and parsley. These ideas were found at

There are different catagories of dog food recipes such as weight loss, treats, dog bones, dog cookies, vegetarian, dog biscuits, and entrees. Entree recipes for dogs can be cassroles, stews, pot pies, and other interesting dishes.

You may want to try making some of these for you dog. You'll find that some of these recipe writers use organic foods and some don't. But feeding your dog more fresh foods by making his food can avoid some of the preservatives, artficial food colorings, and byproducts that are in commercial foods. Byproducts can include hair and feces because scrapes are sweep up from the floor of food factories and then used in dog food.

If you want to make your dog's food, don't put certain foods in the recipe because they are known to be harmful and even lethal for some dogs. These foods include: onions, chocolate, garlic, grapes, raw meat, and artificial fats and sweeteners. Sometimes raw meats are contaminated with viruses, bacteria, salmonella or parasites. Cooking is the method for insuring the meat is safe for your dog to eat.

There are good reasons to make your own dog food and many recipes supply enough to put some in the refrigerator for more meals or they can be frozen to use later. This is a good way to give your pet some variety in his healthier diet.


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