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August 9, 2020
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Potluck Dinner - Top 5 Tips For A Blast

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Potluck to me means a lot of food and fun. A wonderful time to catch up with friends over delicious food. Potluck recipes need not be complicated or too elaborate. Potlucks are generally for having fun and so cooking very cumbersome and complicated potluck recipes is not the idea. However, potluck parties do need a good degree of organization and planning to have fun. A little planning and some effort backstage is what ensures that everyone enjoys and you have moments that are truly memorable.

If you are the host or hostess of a potluck party here's help to having a lot of fun.

1-Planning. Planning can make all the difference. Planning is what ensures that a potluck is fun and not chaos. If the potluck is at your place then it would be best to either call up everyone or send out an invitation to each one. It would be a good idea to sit down with all your friends and plan out the menu. Let each one take up a particular dish so assign each one the responsibility of the main dish, side dishes, dessert or drinks. This would ensure that there is no duplication and also that everything is well catered for.

2-For those coming from a distance things which are easy to transport would be a good idea. Disposable containers and even plates and glasses would save you the trouble of cleaning up. However, if you do want to get out your new crockery and cutlery you can surely have it that way.

3-Have additional bowls and dishes and serving spoons and cutlery ready as all your friends may not come with dishes that can be served in. If you are the host you could decide on what you would provide it may be anything from the dishes to the main course.

4-Potluck ideas can be theme based and being the host you can provide the grill and a great outdoor theme for a grand get together. However, do ensure that you have a number that you can manage and don't run out of food.

5-Get everyone to pitch in and do their bit. Potluck is a time to enjoy and so you must not end up standing next to the grill or being busy and forgetting to enjoy at the end of it all. Allot each person his individual responsibilities so that each one knows what exactly is planned and is to be done.

We have out regular potluck parties. It is either at one of our places or then we decide a take out potluck party and enjoy a picnic on the weekend. I find potluck parties a fun way to enjoy without taxing the host. Unlike the usual parties where all the work is done by one person this is a great way to share work and enjoy. Be sure however, to keep in mind individual tastes and preferences, only then will it be fun for one and all. Enjoy!!


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