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September 13, 2020
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Choosing Wedding Food

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So the wedding is booked the venue sorted, how about the wedding food what are you going to do about that?, Are you having a few people for a sit down meal and then a buffet later for the people who are only coming later in the evening.

Or maybe a sit down meal for all, and a buffet later in the evening for all.
Whatever your choice, the wedding food has to be considered carefully.

It is nice to have something a little bit different but can prove difficult if you choose something that a lot of people may not like. For the wedding food it is probably better to have something fairly simple that most people will like especially if it is a sit down meal.

If you are having buffet then the wedding food can contain some more exotic dishes as there should be plenty of choice for all. You will need to think carefully about caterers, some venues will have a short list of caterers who can supply the wedding food and you can expect these to be fairly reliable as they would not be recommended if there had been a problem on a previous occasion.

Now you have to choose what to have for the wedding food, most caterers will have a menu from which you can choose either the formal sit down meal or a buffet and even a hog roast which are proving to be quite popular in recent years although this will obviously depend on the time of year.

Another great thing to remember and always ask your caterer is that some will now actually let you sample the food at a pre-tasting day, these have proved very popular as you get a very good idea of the quality of the wedding food and also the presentation as well. Sometimes something sounds very nice on the menu but when you sample it you realize it is not very practical or in fact you just do not like it even though it sounded wonderful when you read it from the menu.

You can usually take your partner or mother, anyone you like really and they can also sample the food. This can be quite helpful as they may come up with suggestions that you have not even thought off as well as give an honest opinion on what they think. Even if you know exactly what you want it is worth sampling the food as it is a very enjoyable afternoon out, plus its free lunch for all!!

Always ask for references and also ask your friends for recommendations it is important to get this part perfect as this is something that all your guests will remember.


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