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October 5, 2020
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Contemporary Console Tables - Make Them Your Own

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When creating a modern home, you make look around the room and decide you like the contemporary look, but you wish there were a few more personal touches to let people know this is your home. You may be able to do this by a little bit of alteration to your contemporary console tables.

Contemporary console tables on their own are meant to be stand alone items, or something that can show off a piece of art on top. They're not usually flashy or showy, but you can still add a little bit of flair to them to make them all your own.

Etched Glass

A simple way to personalize contemporary console tables is if the tables have a glass top or center. You can have that glass etched with a design that is all you. Just remember, you are going for a modern look, so no swishy flowing family monograms here, something with a more modern flair that still represents you and the rest of your household. If you are having a tough time coming up with the design on your own, you can always talk to a glass worker who will likely be able to help you create the design you will enjoy.

Tile it

Perfectly geometrically shaped tiles are a great way to dress up tables, not to mention a great surface to set food and drinks. This is easier if you have squared or rectangle shaped contemporary tables, as you will have less work to do to make the tiles fit perfectly, but this is a project you could do yourself. If you haven't tiled before, you can do a little quick online research about laying tile, and then get to work creating a new table with it. You can also use accent tile pieces to go around the edge and make the piece look more finished.

Beading Your Table

If you like texture in your modern art, think of rolling your hands across a table top that is filled with beads or marbles. While you may be thinking of a mess on the floor, we are talking a table where the beads and marbles stay in place, but add color or texture. For this you will need contemporary console tables with a lip, If your table doesn't have one, you may be able to use some matching molding or a piece of complementary metal to create a raised edge. If you would prefer the finished piece not have and edge, you can use a stiff paper, such as poster board, to create a temporary edge that will hold the beads in. Once you have the edge constructed you will need to mix up clear epoxy and put a layer thick enough to hold the marbles in place, but not so thick it's going to run off the side of the table, then place the marbles in the epoxy. Make sure the epoxy is not touching the paper edge of the table, or you will have a tough time getting it loose. It should only touch the table and the marbles. Let it dry, and enjoy your new creative venture.


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