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November 27, 2020
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Do They Really Make Fine Quality Wine In Hungary?

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Many people are unaware of the long history of wine tradition in Hungary. As this rich wine tradition is brought to light, more and more people are becoming aware of Hungarian wines. Many years of Communist control hid Hungarian wines from the world but with newly found freedom, the world is rediscovering the variety of wines produced in Hungary.

Hungary has at least twenty distinct wine regions available for growing grapes. Vineyards have been operating since the Great Roman times with many variations of grapes. With its seasonal extremes of cold winters and hot summers, the weather in the country is a large factor. This weather creates a diversity of soil conditions that allow wine makers to produce quite a variety of wines. Many people are unaware of the fact that it is the diversity of climate that accounts for the flavor of many of the fine wines in the world today.

The locally favored wine is called Tokay Aszu and has been consumed by the populace for hundreds of years. Today Tokay Aszu is one of the most popular dessert wines in the world and remains popular in Hungary with meals or desserts. Discovered in the middle of the 17th century by the aristocracy of Europe, Tokay Aszu was thought to have mystical healing power. This rumor helped spread the popularity of this sweet wine.

Another common food wine found in Hungary is known as Bull,s Blood. Also called Egri Bikaver, this wine takes its colloquial name from the rich dark red coloring. This sweet wine can go well with desserts but is also used with regular meals. First created in the 16th century, Bulls Blood remains popular to the present and is commonly found all over Hungary and other areas nearby.

If you ever visit Hungary, you should make a point to spend some time in Tokay which is in northeast Hungary. Just a few hours by train from Budapest, this region is a wine lover's dream come true. The many wineries found in this area offer tours and tastings throughout their season from May through October. You will be able to see the ancient underground wine cellars and sample some fantastic Hungarian wines.

If you enjoy wine, you can't go wrong with adding some Hungarian wines to your repertoire. With the ancient traditions that come close to rivaling that of France, Hungary continues to produce superior wines for every occasion. Whether it's a bottle of Tokay Aszu to serve with your dessert menu or the rich Bulls Blood with a filet mignon, wines produced in Hungary will prove to be of high quality. As the world discovers Hungarian wine, you will be able to find more types in your local shops.


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